Principal DPS Palwal


                                Principal’s Message

Dear Parents

I welcome the students to the lush grounds and the buzzing corridors of DPS Palwal.
We look forward to an academic session filled with new learning, enthusiasm and good health.

The school’s education philosophy emphasizes creating empowered, aware, trustworthy, upright, confident, articulate, committed and socially conscious citizens fit for today’s India and the world- Citizens who are committed to making a positive impact.The school envisions to hold dear the qualities of love, kindness, sensitivity and compassion and to always be aware of one’s duty and one’s active responsibility towards others, especially those weaker than oneself.

The school strives to uphold a strong and vibrant Indian tradition, rooted in history, culture, arts and crafts of India, to ensure high-quality exposure to such a tradition in order to offer every opportunity to the students to absorb it and to learn from its infinite richness and variety.

The school’s transformational and child centric curriculum has the potential to rejuvenate subjects, enhance interdisciplinary learning, create meaningful and sustainable connections with the ‘real world’ that children experience outside the school and link academic and vocational knowledge and skills more coherently.

The school aims to foster meaningful learning experiences by using multiple teaching tools and strategies and by building positive, supportive relationships with children through environments that offer a variety of stimulating, hands-on materials and by developing classrooms and other learning spaces as learning centres that provide natural opportunities to move, be active and fully engaged in either solo or small group experiences.

We, staunchly believe that schools should not condition children to rote-learn the information and reproduce it undigested, instead, the school must create opportunities for children to experience learning, think, analyze, apply, create and discover their own spectrum. We intend to raise the importance of STEM skills i.e., Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics ad infinitum.

DPSP’s approach is a hands-on one. It will seek to influence more by practice, than by perception. Quality in teaching-learning program, multi-dimensional learning programme, effective teacher training programmes and demonstrated advancements in teaching methods would be DPSP’s desired vehicles of change.

DPS Palwal envisages development of the international dimension in the curriculum. The school strives to groom its learners into decision-makers with equal empathy for people from different parts of the world. The learning experience is enriched with a judicious mix of cultural, religious and linguistic areas that are vital for enabling our students to be globally competent. The curriculum framed is enriching with creative activities and projects to foster international understanding with the help of global outreach programs and special assemblies on US Day, Canada Day, France Day, Russia Day etc.

The learning programme looks at developing the whole individual (SampoornVyaktitv) with a versatile all-rounded personality by training the head, heart, body and conscience.

Though our curriculum is enriched with several out-of-box programmes specially designed to inculcate life-skills and values in young children like circle time, school cinema, inspire-time, yoga, whole school meditation, katha , open house, class-presentations in morning assemblies, film-time and reflections, guest-speak, speak your mind, theatre in education, personality plus etc., but we empathetically believe in creating an overall inspiring climate in our entire school where values and life skill wisdom is interwoven across its length and breadth.

The ethos of DPSP works at many levels. The teachers live as an extended family and within this good working atmosphere, there is autonomy given to staff. We allow and assist teachers to grow. Students are given opportunities for finding their special niche, their special talent and to be multifaceted, energetic, and active people. This is what gives them confidence through their lives so that they can take on anything. DPSites must dare to push their heads into the clouds but also keep their feet firmly on the ground. They must work hard but keep their sense of fun so that they enjoy what they do.

I look forward to your enthusiastic support to remain fully committed to the highest scholastic and co-scholastic standards for our students in the ever-evolving field of learning.